Proven Approach: The StriveTogether Theory of Action

Proven Approach

The StriveTogether Theory of Action

StriveTogether brings proven expertise, effective resources and a nationally-recognized collective impact approach that enables communities to create local education ecosystems to support children and youth from cradle to career.

This approach helps align existing resources to increase impact by using data to determine what works best for children. We support communities in developing shared outcomes and indicators of success to use across programs and systems, identifying promising practices and allowing for meaningful dialogue about local disparities and solutions to close achievement gaps.

Finally, we work with communities to regularly use data to consistently implement and improve strategies through continuous improvement and collective impact.

Built on lessons from StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network Members, our Theory of Action offers quality benchmarks that distinguish this work, not only from traditional collaboration, but also from other collective impact approaches. With this structure, communities develop and sustain local cradle to career partnerships.

The Theory of Action is built on four principles: 

  • Engage the community | Work with a broad array of community voices to create unified education strategies and solutions.
  • Focus on eliminating locally defined disparities | Use local data to identify inequalities in student achievement and prioritize efforts to improve student outcomes.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement | Use local data, community expertise and national research to identify areas for constant, disciplined improvement.
  • Leverage existing assets | Build on and align existing community resources to maximize impact of the work.

With these principles in mind, communities are able to chart the path from emerging to sustaining and systems change stages of the Theory of Action. Communities that have embraced StriveTogether’s quality approach have made progress in building civic infrastructure and have seen emerging progress on student outcomes.

Listen as Jeff Edmondson explains the four pillars that make up the StriveTogether Framework.

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