Aligning Philanthropy, Nonprofits, Business and Government to "Raise DC"

In D.C., 19 percent of adults lack basic literacy skills, 30 percent of children live in poverty, and only 61 percent of students graduate high school on time. For a city known for its prosperity – not to mention its wealth of social programs and nonprofit organizations – these are troubling facts that suggest that something isn’t working.

Earlier this week, funders heard from leaders of Raise DC, a comprehensive “cradle-to-career” framework that aims to ensure that all District youth are career-ready by the age of 24. The effort launched in 2012 and is modeled after the collective impact approach of Strive, the highly successful cradle-to-career model that began in Cincinnati. The goal is to align resources from across sectors in a coordinated way to make sure that children enter kindergarten ready to learn and graduate high school ready for a career.

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