Twin Cities Strive announced as new SIF Grantee

On July 31, the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) announced the selection of four new grantees. Each will receive awards of $2 million over two years, and are eligible for continued funding for a total of up to five years. 

Among the new grantees: Twin Cities Strive! In partnership with Greater Twin Cities United Way, Twin Cities Strive will focus on youth development for children in kindergarten through college in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

"Twin Cities Strive in partnership with Greater Twin Cities United Way will transform the landscape of strategies aimed at improving educational outcomes for low-income Twin Cities children and youth at risk for academic failure through their local Strive Alliance collective impact initiative. With their Social Innovation Fund grant they will develop a strong portfolio of replicable, evidence-based programs designed to improve kindergarten readiness, third grade reading proficiency, ninth grade readiness for upper-level math, four-year graduation rates, and college enrollment rates for between 1,500 and 2,000 low-income youth each year. They will also build subgrantee and network capacity to grow program impact, strengthen programs' evidence of effectiveness, and provide a platform for expansion and replication of effective solutions. They expect to make grants to up to 11 subgrantees."

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